Buying an off the shelf program may leave holes in your corporate wellness plan: “one size fits all ” usually doesn’t.  The most important component of the A.I.M. Program is the Assessment phase.  This is not your typical office assessment just looking for safety issues.  Through personal observation and with an eye for detail, your wellness expert from SNWC will review the office environment, interview employees, discover poor health patterns, and analyze insurance data to improve access to healthy behaviors (Four Pillars of Healthy Habits) and remove barriers that sabotage employees trying to make healthy choices at work and at home.


Office Wellness Audit

  • Physical environment
  • Food choices / access
  • Exercise access
  • Sleep quality
  • Risk behaviors
  • Internal communication
  • Company attitudes and culture towards wellness
  • Company history
  • Benefits / health plan
  • Health insurance claims


Program Design

After completing the comprehensive Office Wellness Audit, SNWC provides a customized executive report detailing the findings and laying out a strategic Wellness Success Plan for improving employees’ health and decreasing the company’s health insurance costs.

The recommendations will address such areas as:

  • Work demands and access
  • Personal education and control
  • Effort and rewards