SpiritOfAchievement2OK, you set a new training goal for yourself – Now how do you achieve it?  Consistency is the key to success, but your schedule doesn’t allow for you to attend group training sessions and the endless free online programs are not tailored to you.  For those self-motivated, a Personalized Training Program is designed to help all abilities to achieve their specific goal: from a 5K or marathon to the multi-disciplined triathlon.

Why a Personalized Program?

  • Workouts are designed specifically to challenge YOU and your conditioning level
  • Whole body approach integrates: Mind, body, and soul
  • Workouts utilize a variety of cardio workouts (Tempo, sprints, & long distance) as well as strength training, and flexibility exercises
  • Active communication and feedback provides support and motivation to reach your goal

 My Approach to Success

  • Establish your Goal
  • Determine your training profile (schedule, previous/current injuries, and internal drive – what makes you tick)
  • Establish baseline with assessments
  • Design weekly training programs
  • Engage in weekly communication to better understand how you respond to the workouts

 Training Packages

Basic Package

Sport Package

Premium Package

Geared Towards First timers looking to get to the finish line – 5K to Half-marathons Moderate/Advanced – ready to take it to the next level Advanced training for longer events/disciplines
  • Programs sent weekly
  • Weekly tracking of progress
  • Email check-in
  • Programs sent weekly
  • Evaluate weekly online data
  • Weekly phone call to review progress
  • Programs sent weekly
  • Evaluate weekly online data
  • Weekly phone/Skype  call to review progress
  • Track nutritional information
  • Video Analysis (1 time per month)
Requirements Stop watch w/lap times
  • Heart rate monitor/GPS watch
  • Online training software
  • Heart rate monitor/GPS watch
  • Online training software
Cost (Add $25 for joining weekly running group track workout.) $125 / mo. $250 / mo. $350 / mo.


Contact Brian TODAY at (206) 257-8639 / for your FREE CONSULTATION to determine the Best Plan to meet your goal! Let me help you achieve more than you thought you could.


“The personalized training plan yielded real results for me.  Having a work-out plan tailored specifically to me that I could use every week made my training fun and productive.  So much better than just doing 3 miles every day!  And I would not have signed up for face to face sessions with a trainer – this was perfect for me and my schedule.  I went from never running (except in PE class many years ago) to finishing a ½ marathon and thinking that it was easy!  And I’m 35 lbs. lighter (diet helped that too).  I couldn’t have been happier and am sure I never would have reached my goals without Brian’s guidance.” Matt R., San Jose Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon Finisher


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