Employees are your #1 asset.  You want to keep them working at their optimum, but as a business leader, you wear so many hats from looking after government compliance to hiring new employees that you neither have the time nor the resources to oversee employees’ well-being.  So how do you fit wellness into the picture while bringing down company health insurance costs?

By using an outside wellness expert to bridge your resource gap, you can begin to optimize your employee’s health and that of your company.  Let Second Nature Wellness Consulting provide the expertise in changing health behaviors for the better.  SNWC believes that wellness programs should be simple to implement and run.  SNWC’s A.I.M. Program (Assessment, Implementation, and Measurement) will design a customized plan for your organization, helping your employees to make better health choices, sustainable lifestyle habits, and move from a reactionary to a proactive state.

SNWC will perform a comprehensive Office Wellness Audit to examine your company’s health culture through visual observation, site inspection, and employee interviews.  We’ll also analyze health insurance claims in aggregate to identify trends and areas for education.  Then, we’ll use this information to develop a customized, strategic Wellness Success Plan laying out the goals and the tools your employees can use to measure their success.


Using the strategic road map we’ve developed, SNWC will manage every aspect of the wellness program – from health campaigns to internal marketing communications, to employee engagement.  We’ll develop educational seminars and modules to complement the campaigns, along with regular onsite visits to offer motivation and provide health referral resources.


Based on the customized goals set for the wellness program, SNWC will provide a Wellness Dashboard for executives to monitor the progress on a monthly and quarterly basis to assure that the program is on track and their employees are creating sustainable healthy habits.