Wellness programs have been around for over 30 years.  However, many companies have started programs only to discontinue them after a short time in part because the programs have not been cultivated.  Like an unwatered garden, a neglected wellness program will eventually wither from lack of engagement and may finally get the budget axe.  For these programs to succeed, they need to have constant attention and be continually refreshed.

Many people today are in a state of denial regarding their own health, usually operating below their full potential.  They may be used to feeling tired, sick, and depressed and accept this as their new normal energy state.  Most have either not experienced or forgotten what it felt like to have boundless streams of energy.  Finding fun, relevant activities helps employees experience new energy and in turn create that desire for sustainable health behaviors.  High energy is a contagious benefit, within the individual and throughout the company.

SNWC will work with your company’s Human Resources department to implement the Wellness Success Plan, developing the wellness campaigns and internal marketing communications that ensure employee engagement.  In addition to program management, your wellness advisor will develop health education seminars and campaign events to motivate and support employees in changing their health behaviors.  Because it can be a challenge to change behaviors, the adviser will also provide onsite office hours helping to inspire and encourage employees who might need a referral resource or a little extra support.