Female with Dumbbells

Onsite Fitness Education Training Program

“Bring the training to your employees”


Moving the body is one of the keys towards OPTIMIZING YOUR EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE.  Utilizing the resources in your corporate building, this Fitness Education Training Program teaches employees how to use the weight training and cardio equipment, set-up their own training program, and see results while having fun!


– Builds confidence with exercise equipment
– Creates foundation and establishes healthy habits


Course Length: 8 weeks
Classes: 1 per week
Time: 60 minutes
Class Size: 8 – 12 (Small group setting)
Location: Onsite in your building
Includes: Reference Training Manual, Workout Log, Weekly Homework

Start your employees on a new path and see how everyone benefits from the new found energy & creativity! For more information and to start your class today, contact Brian at (206) 257-8639 or Brian@2ndnaturewellness.com.



STUDENT TESTIMONIALS - Benefits from Fitness Education Class

“Increased familiarity with the fitness center – machines and equipment – has provided me with the impetus to keep going, especially during the winter weather and shorter daylight hours.  This in addition to increased cardiovascular endurance, will continue motivating to keep me moving both physically and metaphorically.”

 “Individualized attention to all students to help them improve, both in understanding and technique.”

“Actually being taught how to workout.”